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How to Find a Great Roofing Company in Arkansas

Whether you need roof maintenance, extensive or minor repair, complete or partial roof installation, using the right Fayetteville roofing contractors for your project is essential for success. Arkansas gives home to lot of great roofers, but most of them specialize in specific areas of the profession, so here are a few tips that can help you elect the best contractor.

What Type of Expertise You Need

Each roof type and each roofing material requires a different approach when it comes to repair, maintenance and installation. To mention just a few examples, flat roofs use materials that are not encountered on sloping roofs and the methods used for installing roofing tiles are completely different from the techniques used for mounting roofing membranes. The complexity of the profession makes it almost impossible for one roofer to be an expert in all materials and techniques, so specialization and suitable experience are among the most important things to look for when choosing a roofer. You can find out about the areas of expertise of the roofer in your area if you check their websites – good roofers are proud of their work and they publish photos of their previous work on their site.

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You need a roofer who is not only knowledgeable, but also reliable. Use every source of information you can to find out about the reputation of the roofer you are planning to hire – ask around among your neighbors, friends and family if they know anything about the company, check online review websites and the websites of professional organizations to find out whether there are any complaints lodged against the roofer.


Different roofing companies can provide very different quotes for the same job, so try to obtain at least 3-4 quotes and compare them in terms of material quality, the services included and labor costs and deadlines before you make the final decision. Find out how many people will be in the roofing team, what time they start work each day and also find out if the roofer is willing to clear the debris created during the roofing work – it is a good idea to hire the company that leaves the space around the house clean and neat.

Trust Your Instinct

Don’t forget that you will probably need to communicate and collaborate with your roofer at least for weeks, so hire the candidate that you can imagine yourself working with. You can probably decide whether you like the roofer or not during your very first meeting and you can make sure you like the roofer by eliciting from him information related to his experience, his qualifications as well as his approach towards the type of job that you are faced with.

Include All the Details of the Project into a Contract

This is a very important step and also one that is skipped by many homeowners. Quotes are not sufficient for guaranteeing that the work on your roof will be done under the conditions you agreed on with the roofer – you need a detailed and legally binding contract to guarantee you the quality that you pay for.