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The 5 Most Common Problem of any Roof System

There can be a lot of issues that arise due to weather or natural wear and tear for your roof system. We will list out five of the most common problems that your roof is prone to. Some of these are problems with a very easy solution that you can fix yourself but others require tools and the know-how so it is recommended to call a trained professional to do it properly and safely.

  1. Bugs and Critters

It is important to check your roof and make sure to prevent any infestations of bugs or rodents. They are extremely harmful to your roof especially wooden ones as they can easily eat through the material and compromise the integrity of the whole structure.

  1. Ponding or standing water

Make sure to avoid any pools of water building up on your roof. It can reduce the lifetime of your roof and cause leaks. It is usually caused by debris blocking the drainage pipes or improper design. Wind, rain and

  1. Trees and other overarching structures

Trees can do a lot of damage to a roof whether it is the growing branches rubbing onto the roof eroding the top protective layer or whether it is the branch falling onto it causing even more damage. It is important to have the branches trimmed down to avoid and remove the tree altogether if it poses a threat to your home’s structural integrity.

  1. Improper Flashing

Flashing is material used to seal off any gap in between the roof on edges, perimeter or drains. This is usually a weak point in a roof and is prone to leaks if not maintained properly. It also decreases the roof’s puncture resistance (Holes in the roof). The flashing is commonly made from galvanized steel or aluminium so its biggest enemy is weather and oxidization which causes it to erode. Nowadays there are preformed flashing pieces that can be applied without much difficulty using roof cement.

  1. Lack of Maintenance and Care

This is perhaps the biggest enemy to roofs. Many people do not conduct regular check-ups on their roofs and this can cause some serious problems. Even if they do find a problem like debris on the roof, they shake it off saying it is small and insignificant. But this can develop into much bigger trouble later on. The debris can block drainage pathways and can cause leaks. The leaks will lead to moulding or rusting thereby threatening the structural integrity as a whole. The whole ordeal will be very expensive as well. To avoid this, conduct a routine inspection of your roof to extend its life. If anything is broken or decayed, replace it. Call a professional to inspect the whole structure if you don’t know what you are doing. It will save you a whole lot of money in the long run and give you peace of mind as well.